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15 juni 2009, The Netherlands

Dikkie Dik

Missed Opportunities

heinz Heinz (Netherlands) (Dutch)
The comic strip cat that makes all other superfluous. Is waiting for years now for his own feature film. Why not issue a stamp to sweeten the waiting?
dirkjan Dirkjan (Netherlands) (Dutch)
This is the guy that play darts with gnomes and has perfected the art of farting. Who dares putting this ultimate politically-incorrect comic strip character on a stamp?
storm Storm (UK)
Painter or comic strip artist? Does it really matter - Don Lawrence's drawings visualised a universe created by great storytellers such as Martin Lodewijk and Dick Matena. Will make excellent stamps!
veerkamp Joost Veerkamp (Netherlands)
His own kingdom is covered in stamps. Now let the Kingdom of The Netherlands be enlightened by the unique work of this designer for tiny art!
maarten milaan Maarten Milaan (Belgium) (French)
Not the nervous type of guy. Always a pipe within reach. Has a touch of philosophy, and his heart in the right place. Bring some goodness to this world - use a Maarten Milaan stamp!
will eisner Spirit (USA)
Created by Will Eisner, father of the graphic novel. Would it be possible to capture the suspense of The Spirit on a stamp?
kapitein rob Kapitein Rob (Netherlands) (Dutch)
Oh nostalgia! When mentioning "comic strip", many think back to the adventures of captain Rob van Stoerem and his inseparable Skip on their ship De Vrijheid. It's time for some philatelitic acknowledgement!
kick wilstra Kick Wilstra (Netherlands) (Dutch)
Another hero from the fifties. The magical centre forward. For his noble spirit and unselfish love for the football game alone, he deserves a stamp.

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