This site is a catalogue of stamps featuring comic strip or cartoon characters, for use by collectors of such stamps. Besides listing stamps, the entries contain links to information about the comic strip character and its artist(s). While realizing that it is almost impossible to achieve, this site's goal is to contain a complete listing of all comic strip stamps ever issued world-wide. We can therefore use your tips - send your reaction!

The criterion for a stamp issue to be included in the catalogue, is that it contains the illustration of fictional character(s), which existed prior to the stamp issue, created in the form of a drawing or animation form by the creator of the character(s). This means the catalog includes stamps one of the following:

  1. Comic strip character (example: Tintin, France 1998)
  2. TV/film cartoon character (example: Flintstones)
  3. (Children's) book character (example: Winnie-the-Pooh, Canada 1998)
  4. (Children's) theater character (example: Kasperli, Switzerland 2006)
  5. Animated film character (example: Pingu, Switzerland 19xx)

Stamps that are designed by a comic strip artist, but do not contain the illustration of a comic strip/cartoon character, are not included.
Stamps that contain illustrations of a fictional character by an artist different than the creating artist, are included.

A number of countries emit a very large amount of comic strip stamps, particularly around the various Disney topics. To keep this site manageable, the stamps issued by the following countries are excluded:

Also excluded: Belgium's DuoStamp and yellow postcard issues.

This site is written in English to be accessible for the widest possible audience. In the catalogue, the name of the character used in its country of origin is listed. In some cases, the English name is included.

This site acknowledges the copyright of the stamps and illustrations. This site serves no commercial purpose whatsoever and is meant only to assist thematic stamp collectors in executing their hobby.